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21 January 2013


the stats:
start temp/humidity: 32.4/22% (apparent temp 30.0)
start time: 5:10pm
total distance: 3.53
total time: 9:40 (including 0:45 stopped time)
avg speed: 21.9kph
total calories: 97
avg HR: 131

attendees (22 21 for the main session): Andrew N, Andrew S, Andy, Clint (new), Colin, Cookie, Eliza, Ewen, Garry, Jamie (new), Jen, Lucia, Mick, Rae, Ruth, Sarah, SG, Sophie (new?), Tim, Verena and me...am I missing one? No! Thanks SG

warm up: 2.55k (usual lap + jog to lower grass square + jog 3/4 of relay circuit)

the plan: teams of 3-4 to work in a relay, efforts were uphill or diagonally downhill, 24mins worth...some teams had runners 3a & 3b who alternated on the third leg so they got a longer rest

teams from what I can remember: Colin/Andrew/Sarah, Tim/Andrew N/Garry, Ewen/Cookie/Ruth & Sophie, me/Eliza/Jamie & Clint, Andy/Verena/Rae & Lucia...Andrew S substituted in...I think Mick just ran around...

as #1 I started with an uphill leg...I completed 5 3/4 squares...it was very warm!

rough times for each effort/rest:
21/41,19/40,21/43,17/43 23/43,20/44,18/43,23/45

warm down: 1.94k (a very slow reverse lap back to stairs)

total 8.12k in 73:45...starting temp/humidity: 32.5/23% (apparent temp 31.0)...avg HR: 144...

finished my exercise for the day with a ride home...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 31.9/21% (apparent temp 30.0)
start time: 7:04pm
total distance: 15.64
total time: 46:46 (including 2:19 stopped time)
avg speed: 20.1kph
total calories: 433
avg HR: 134

1 comment:

speedygeoff said...

No one missed. Cathy M ran early, which makes 22.