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29 May 2016

parkrun #49, ACTVAC Monthly Handicap #23...

conditions were very cold for parkrun yesterday...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 2.5/84% (apparent temp same)
start time: 8:03am
total distance: 4.96
total time: 21:54
avg pace: 4:25
total calories: 332
avg HR: 148
recovery HR: 105/62
heartbeats per k: 654

splits: 4:19, 4:27, 4:27, 4:28, 4:14

30th out of 243 (1 unknown male ahead of me), age 73.21%...2nd female out of 106...1st W45-49 out of 21...

golf was monthly medal...I couldn't buy a par and ended up pretty much playing bogey golf (had 3 pars and 2 double bogies)...90 off the stick for a nett 78 with 29 putts...

had dinner at mum and dad's...finished off with LMP, my all time favourite dessert...

this morning I did my first ACTVAC monthly handicap in nearly three years...today's event was held in Callum Brae, a new venue...two loops of a very uneven and undulating course...it was also very foggy and very cold...

I started off Group 30 and finished 40th out of 72...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 4.6/97% (apparent temp 2.8)
start time: 9:29am
total distance: 8.10
total time: 42:30 (official 42:31)
avg pace: 5:15
total calories: 595
avg HR: 148
recovery HR: 102/59
heartbeats per k: 777

splits: 4:43, 5:13, 6:04, 5:04, 4:42, 5:54, 6:00, 4:29, 0:22

age 66.8%...I had the 22nd fastest time overall...4th fastest female out of 22, 2nd fastest W45 (behind Nadine in 42:12) out of 2...passed 21, passed by 12...

after the presentation, I changed into warmer clothes and cached for about 2.5 hours around Callum Brae, finding 15...

27 May 2016

FkF #348...

another average ride home last night...quite cool...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 9.9/85% (apparent temp 7.0)
start time: 6:02pm
total distance: 17.59
total time: 46:24 (including 1:59 stopped time)
avg speed: 22.7kph
total calories: 328
avg HR: 120

up at the same time for this morning's walk but it wasn't nearly as dark as yesterday...

it was very windy for FkF and very fresh...caught up to Thomo at 2k and chatted the rest of the way...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 11.4/50% (apparent temp 8.5)
start time: 12:28pm
total distance: 5.03
total time: 23:58
avg pace: 4:46
total calories: 336
avg HR: 151
recovery HR: 102/55
heartbeats per k: 720

splits: 4:30, 4:46, 4:55, 4:42, 4:58, 0:08

ranks as =205th...2nd time I've run 23:58

plans for the weekend:

  • Saturday - parkrun, golf, dinner at mum & dad's
  • Sunday - ACTVAC Monthly Handicap @ Callum Brae, caching