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21 July 2018

parkrun #141...

not as cold as last week...relatively still too...ran the same time as last week although it felt more comfortable today...

start temp/humidity: 1.7/79% (apparent temp -0.1)
start time: 8:02am
total distance: 4.97
total time: 25:50
avg pace: 5:12
total calories: 330
avg HR: 161
TE: 3.5
Recovery HR: 106/4??
BPK: 837

splits: 4:59, 5:10, 5:13, 5:22, 5:05

52nd out of 179 (3 unknowns ahead of me)...63.35%...13th female out of 88...3rd W45-49 out of 7...

no golf...did some cache checking/maintenance instead and found one to cross off another date for my geocaching calendar...

20 July 2018


lots of boingas on the way home last night...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 10.1/52% (apparent temp 7.1)
start time: 5:50pm
total distance: 17.63
total time: 45:47 (including 0:37 stopped time)
avg speed: 23.1
total calories: 276
avg HR: 123

light rain for this morning's walk which was about 30mins later than usual...

by the time I was walking to Albert Hall the wind was picking up...

the wind was well and truly blowing for FkF...might run it next week seeing as I've fallen off the list...