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22 November 2017

BBQ Stakes #80 (hunter 8 rabbit 12)...

was quite pleasant for our walk this morning...rode to work for this time in a couple of weeks, bit slow though as I think I might need to check the tyre pressure...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 14.2/67% (apparent temp 14.0)
start time: 8:15am
total distance: 16.60
total time: 41:03 (including 0:23 stopped time)
avg speed: 24.3 kph
total calories: 330
avg HR: 126

conditions were good fro BBQ Stakes...the rabbit started off 3:45, a gap of 16:30 but I still managed to reel her in and scalp her on last hill after the Lyons Shop underpass...in the end I finished 30th, 1:30 ahead of her in 51st...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 21.5/44% (apparent temp same)
start time: 12:31pm
total distance: 6.01
total time: 30:55
avg pace: 5:09
total calories: 401
avg HR: 166 (seems high!)
TE: 3.6
recovery HR: NR
BPK: 855?

splits: 5:14, 5:30, 5:10, 5:36, 4:35, 4:47, 0:02

the rabbit wasn't happy so moving forward, her handicap will based on how I feel at 12pm chase day!

21 November 2017

BRun Tuesday

a warm BRun at lunch...worked hard...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 23.5/28% (apparent temp same)
start time: 1:13pm
total distance: 12.44
total time: 40:14 (including 0:08 stopped time)
avg speed: 18.6kph
total calories: 383
avg HR: 135

off to the cricket tonight - we (Tammie, Jodie and Lisa) are attending an official function as quests of Cricket Australia...hopefully the Stars will win!