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26 August 2016

FkF #360...

another stop starty ride home last night...

the stats:
start temp humidity: 7.5/65% (apparent temp 4.0)
start time: 5:35pm
total distance: 17.57
total time: 47:13 (including 1:35 stopped time)
avg speed: 22.3kph
total calories: 349
avg HR: 121

got going on time this morning and managed to be at work 30mins earlier than usual...

today was the first FkF on the Floriade course for the year...I'd gone down earlier in the morning to chalk up the first turn - no-one missed it so that was good!

not as warm as last week but the weather was still quite pleasant...this run ranks as =159th, the third time I've run 23:33...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 10.5/45% (apparent temp 9.3)
start time: 12:27pm
total distance: 4.98
total time: 23:33
avg pace: 4:44
total calories: 339
avg HR: 158
recovery HR: 113/48
HR bpm: 748

splits: 4:26, 4:44, 4:46, 4:52, 4:46

weekend plans:

  • Saturday - 8am parkrun volunteering (timekeeper) - will brun to & fro, 10:30am pick up Jodie to do a caching walk on the Pinnacle Nature Reserve, 2:30pm watch the Jets preliminary final @ Jamison v Belconnen...
  • Sunday - 9am ACTVAC Monthly Handicap @ Goorooyarroo (starting off Group 32 so around 9:30am)...

25 August 2016


I elected not to ride home in the rain last night...I caught 4 new Pokémon and missed out another between leaving work and getting home instead...

it was back to gloves for this morning's walk, I wish this weather would make up its mind!

it was still fresh for my run but at least the sun was out...it was a bit breezy though...

I detoured along the gravel at Rond Terrace to check the markings for the FkF Floriade course turn - they are still there but quite faint...I will have to re-mark them somehow, perhaps with some chalk...

with the fencing up and closed, I detoured up and over Regatta point to re-join my normal route...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 12.5/45% (apparent temp 10.4)
start time: 1:10pm
total distance: 9.23
total time: 50:00
avg pace: 5:25
total calories: 640
avg HR: 140
recovery HR: 105/31

hopefully I'll be able to ride home tonight!