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27 July 2016

BBQ Stakes #18...

it was a slow ride home last night...

the stats:
start temp humidity: 6.6/63% (apparent temp 2.5)
start time: 5:42pm
total distance: 17.52
total time: 47:46 (including 0:59 stopped time)
avg speed: 22.0
total calories: 371
avg HR: 124

it was raining lightly for our walk this morning but had eased by the time I headed to work...

the stats:
start temp humidity: 6.3/88% (apparent temp 3.7)
start time: 8:06am
total distance: 16.58
total time: 44:28 (including 1:06 stopped time)
avg speed: 22.4
total calories: 391
avg HR: 130

a bit slower than yesterday but a bit more stoppage time...

handicap again unchanged (21:30) for the BBQ Stakes but I think I need an easier one...conditions were windy and very muddy underfoot...

my 14th run on the standard course and I finished 27th...this was my slowest run yet by 12secs...I think my legs were still recovering from Monday's speedygeese session as I didn't think I was going that slow...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 10.3/62% (apparent temp 7.9)
start time: 12:30pm
total distance: 6.04
total time: 30:03
avg pace: 4:59
total calories: 431
avg HR: 157
recovery HR: 129/35
heart beats per k: 752

1k splits: 4:53, 5:17, 4:59, 5:27, 4:30, 4:51, 0:08

my ride home was quite slow...I think my tyres need some air!

the stats:
start temp humidity: 7.8/72% (apparent temp 4.0)
start time: 5:40pm
total distance: 17.50
total time: 49:37 (including 1:40 stopped time)
avg speed: 21.2
total calories: 376
avg HR: 123

26 July 2016


got back on the bike for the first time in two weeks this morning...was a slow ride in, not helped by a headwind...

the stats:
start temp humidity: 6.2/58% (apparent temp 4.8)
start time: 8:17am
total distance: 16.58
total time: 43:15 (including 0:44 stopped time)
avg speed: 23.0
total calories: 365
avg HR: 128 was windy and cold for my run...

the stats:
start temp humidity: 9.5/52% (apparent temp 5.7)
start time: 1:16pm
total distance: 7.35
total time: 40:00
avg pace: 5:27
total calories: 511
avg HR: 137
recovery HR: 111/40