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14 December 2017

speedygeese @ Woden...

attendees (6): Brownie, Jen, Jennie, Sandeep, SG and me

warm up: 2.82k (2 loops of cemetery)

intervals on the ovals while two games of AFL 9s were played: 4 x 330m / 110m walk recovery

rough times:
1:27 / 1:14, 1:32 / 1:15, 1:32 / 1:15, 1:36 / 1:17

warm down: 1.37k (3 loops of outside of track)

total 6.44k in 49:44...starting temp/humidity: 29.7/35% (apparent temp 29)...avg HR: 128...TE: 2.7

Dave ran in the heats of the President's Gift finishing 4th in his heat (top 3 progressed to the final) then I had a long wait for all the events to finish....

BRun Thursday...

was stupid windy for my BRun...did the loop around the Wetlands clockwise today...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 30.1/32% (apparent temp 29.0)
start time: 1:22pm
total distance: 15.22
total time: 48:16 (including 0:04 stopped time)
avg speed: 18.9kph
total calories: 380
avg HR: 124

last speedygeese session at Woden tonight as it's a Stromlo Forest Park from next week...

Christmas events at the track tonight...caber toss, obstacle race, egg & spoon race, standing long jump, Parlouf Relay, 8x100 walk relay, President's handicap 100m, 300m, left & right hand shot put...