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20 August 2017

parkrun #103, golf, indoor, solo long run...

once again Friday was very windy...walked the boys as usual...walked to/from my car at the Yacht Club...went down to FkF early and did the results recording...

yesterday, it was still (!) but cold for parkrun...

start temp/humidity: 3.4/67% (apparent temp same)
start time: 8:03am
total distance: 4.97
total time: 23:26
avg pace: 4:43
total calories: 320
avg HR: 152
TE: 3.3
Recovery HR: 103/53
BPK: 717

splits: 4:34, 4:46, 4:37, 4:46, 4:40

34th out of 194...69.13%...5th female out of 97...1st W45-49 out of 19...

played my first round of golf in three weeks - the score was ugly as was some of my play but at least it was a nice day!

picked Jodie up for our double-header of indoor cricket at Kaleen...we played Weston Black followed by Weston White..both matches were tighter than the first two matches the team has played but we remain undefeated so far...

I copped some friendly fire as 'keeper when one of the girls was having a peg at the stumps - unfortunately her throw was a bit wild and got me on the inside of my left leg just above the knee...it's going to be an impressive bruise!

this morning I had a sleep in and went for my long run a little later...just solo down around Lake Tuggeranong and back...I've had enough of running slow steep hilly runs!

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 7.8/53% (apparent temp 5.1)
finish temp/humidity: 9.7/42% (apparent temp 8.7)
start time: 10:15am
total distance: 15.26
total time: 90:00
avg pace: 5:54
total calories: 1025
avg HR: 133
TE: 3.1
recovery HR: 96/39

17 August 2017

Wild wind...

another late start this morning...cool conditions for our walk...did spot a rainbow...

very very windy at lunchtime...the surf was up around Lennox Gardens and I got soaked from the waves crashing against the edge...lots of puddles too (my shoes are still damp)...one of the rare times were I could actually feel myself being pushed along...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 14.1/41% (apparent temp 11.4)
start time: 1:15pm
total distance: 9.26
total time: 50:00
avg pace: 5:24
total calories: 741

the winds were from the WNW-NW at 37-46kph with gusts of 46-65kph...