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6 May 2016

FkF #345, Wings for Life World Run competition...

a quickish ride home on Thursday, relatively, for this week of wind...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 13.5/56% (apparent temp same)
start time: 6:01pm
total distance: 17.60
total time: 43:32 (including 0:32 stopped time)
avg speed: 24.3kph
total calories: 316
avg HR: 121

another fresh start this morning but still haven't resorted to trackie dacks...

it was nearly still for FkF, anice change for the week...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 19.4/47% (apparent temp same)
start time: 12:29pm
total distance: 5.02
total time: 23:37
avg pace: 4:42
total calories: 342
avg HR: 155
recovery HR: 113/45
heartbeats per k: 729

splits: 4:18, 4:41, 4:48, 4:47, 4:59, 0:05

ranks as =159th and is the sixth time I have run 23:37...

plans for the long weekend:

  • Saturday - parkrun, golf (first round of foursomes with Tammie)
  • Sunday - off to Melbourne (AM), maybe some caching, Wings for Life World Run 9pm
  • Monday - some caching, back to Canberra (PM), street O @ Macquarie-Cook

on the subject of the Wings for Life World Run, I posted this on FB but you can enter via my blog too:

"Sunday night I am running in the Wings for Life World run which is taking place at 34 locations around the world starting simultaneously at 11:00am UTC time which means 9pm in Melbourne for me...the run has a twist as the finish line (aka The Catcher Cars) chases you!

Here's how it works - runners start at 9pm with the Catcher Cars starting at 9:30pm at 15kph, at 10:30pm the speed increases to 16kph, 11:30pm to 17kph, 12:30am to 20kph and finally 2:30am 35kph until the final participant is passed...

Last year's winners did the following distances:

  • Melbourne (different course): male 70.66k (10th globally), female 50.75 (7th)
  • Global: male 79.90k (location - Lower Austria), female 56.33k (Takashima)

My rough goal is 23k and my challenge to you is to guess how far I will actually go - with a prize(s) for the person that guesstimates the closest to my official result (make your guess to two decimal places)...note, once I go past your guess you are out 😜...

Guess away!

5 May 2016


average ride home last night, still a bit windy...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 11.8/56% (apparent temp 10.1)
start time: 5:52pm
total distance: 17.63
total time: 44:33 (including 0:40 stopped time)
avg speed: 23.7kph
total calories: 354
avg HR: 126

nearly frosty on this morning's walk...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 5.7/80% (apparent temp same)
start time: 8:27am
total distance: 16.57
total time: 39:33 (including 0:31 stopped time)
avg speed: 25.1kph
total calories: 278
avg HR: 120

was still windy for running at lunch but not as strong as it has been...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 17.9/41% (apparent temp same)
start time: 1:27pm
total distance: 7.64
total time: 40:00
avg pace: 5:14
total calories: 519
avg HR: 137
recovery HR: 105/38

my bib number for Sunday night's run is 2796...I'm thinking of having a competition on FB to see who can guess how far I will run before the car catches me!