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15 July 2018


very cool for my long run (qualifying as long because it meets minimum of 60mins)...

start temp/humidity: 2.6/69% (apparent temp 1.9)
finish temp/humidity: 4.5/61% (apparent temp 2.8)
start time: 10:35am
total distance: 9.78
total time: 60:00
avg pace: 6:08
total calories: 746
avg HR: 141
TE: 3.8
Recovery HR: 106/37

14 July 2018

parkrun #140...

was much nicer weather for FkF...

back to Tuggeranong for parkrun and it was a touch cool...no wind though...

start temp/humidity: -3.7/95% (apparent temp same)
start time: 8:09am
total distance: 4.96
total time: 25:50
avg pace: 5:12
total calories: 340
avg HR: 158
TE: 3.5
Recovery HR: 129/53
BPK: 822

splits: 5:14, 5:15, 5:08, 5:18, 4:55

50th out of 178 (1 unknown ahead of me)...63.35%...12th female out of 93...3rd W45-49 out of 14...

played golf (stableford)...it was foggy to start and even when the fog lifted it stayed quite cool...not one of my better games!