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20 October 2014


Hodge was pretty good on his walk this morning despite meeting two new dogs, I'm not sure what breed they were but they seemed friendly enough...it was a bit fresh and the breeze was starting to pick up...thankfully it was mostly a tailwind to work!

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 15.2/66% (apparent temp 15.0)
start time: 8:20am
total distance: 16.68
total time: 39:10 (including 1:14 stopped time)
avg speed: 25.6kph
total calories: 335
avg HR: 132

did an easy run at lunch...quite muggy...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 15.6/65% (apparent temp same)
start time: 1:20pm
total distance: 702
total time: 40:00
avg pace: 5:42
total calories: 462
avg HR: 134

19 October 2014

FkF #293 plus Club Champs Rd 3-4...


walked Hodge then rode to work..

the stats:
start temp/humidity: XX.X/XX% (apparent temp same)
start time: 8:18am
total distance: 16.67
total time: 40:51 (including 0:33 stopped time)
avg speed: 24.5kph
total calories: 564
avg HR: 124

gym at lunch...

a quick ride home to take Hodge to the second session of Bronze at the dog club...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: XX.X/XX% (apparent temp same)
start time: 5:04pm
total distance: 17.69
total time: 46:00 (including 1:43 stopped time)
avg speed: 23.1kph
total calories: 318
avg HR: 137

after dog club it was off to the AIS to pick up the results of the Daniels and Adler events from the first Vets meet of the season...


walked Hodge then rode to work...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 8.4/63% (apparent temp 6.5)
start time: 8:18am
total distance: 16.67
total time: 39:57 (including 0:56 stopped time)
avg speed: 25.1kph
total calories: XXX
avg HR: XXX

FkF had 23 runners...my handicap was back to 11:30...slightly slower this week...my ankle had copped a hammering at O on Wednesday so I wasn't too disappointed...

this one ranks as 270th overall, 62nd out of 69 on the Floriade course...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 15.9/45% (apparent temp same)
start time: 12:28pm
total distance: 5.05
total time: 25:41
avg pace: 5:06
total calories: 352
avg HR: 164
splits: 4:40, 5:17, 5:12, 5:09, 5:13, 0:11


took Hodge on a different walk (medium length!) before golf...

third round of Club Champs - scored 92 to put me in =4th...this had me in the final group for the final round...Tammie shot 102 which left her in 3rd spot for B Division...

today I took Hodge on his long walk...two kangaroos crossed Kambah Oval while we were playing fetch...

the Club Champs ended up in a play off over three holes as Suze had a bad day (96) while Delanie had a good day (82) to finish level on 355...so off they went around the 1st, 9th and 18th...

Delanie had a 6 to Suze's 7 on the 1st then Suze had a 5 to Delanie's 7 on the 18th...they both had 4s on the 18th so Suze won by one...

I finished with 91 to finish =6th...Tammie had 96 to finish 3rd in B Division but took out the nett in that division...

we had a cat enclosure put on our back deck so now the devil cat can spend his time safely outside...