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23 April 2014


footy training was fun last night, a little disorganised but still fun…unfortunately last season’s premiers, Tuggeranong, have forfeited this Sunday’s game to us so we don’t play until the following weekend when we play the pink footy match v ANU at Amaroo…

there's going to be an intra-team match at training tomorrow night ut I will miss that has Hodge has school...

had a good walk with Hodge this morning….even when I left him off lead he doesn’t go too far away…

a slow start to the ride in but I was faster by the end…only took more than 40mins because I had to wait at the very last set of traffic lights…

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 9.9/91% (apparent temp 8.6)
start time: 8:22am
total distance: 16.67
total time: 40:47 (including 1:38 stopped time)
avg speed: 24.5kph
total calories: 379
avg HR: 125

did another easy run at lunch…felt a bit stiff in the legs but the pace was OK…

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 19.4/58% (apparent temp same)
finish temp/humidity: 19.3/53% (apparent temp same)
start time: 1:01pm
total distance: 10.89
total time: 60:00
avg pace: 5:31
total calories: 742
avg HR: 142

had a solid ride home then headed out to Bunnings to get the fixings for a flyscreen for the laundry...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 16.3/65% (apparent temp same)
start time: 5:31pm
total distance: 17.68
total time: 48:26 (including 0:25 stopped time)
avg speed: 21.9kph
total calories: 396
avg HR: 121

managed to make and install the screen without too much trouble...not a bad effort!

22 April 2014

Green Lantern...

had a good time caching with Shadow! (aka Jodie) yesterday afternoon...we headed out past Tharwa to do some caches near the Gigerline Nature Reserve and then found one near the Namadgi Visitor Centre before gradually making our way back towards Bonython...our favourite cache was one up a tree called "Super Hero Squad - Green Lantern"....Jodie had to give me a boost to get started and then provided a steadying hand when I dropped out of the tree...the cache itself was a green lantern which was cool...

we ended up finding 14 out of 16 attempted and we are pretty sure the two we couldn't find had been muggled (we weren't the only DNFs)...

I walked Hodge as usual before catching the bus to work this morning...I'm gradually increasing the time we spend on the walk...

did an easy 45 at lunch and crossed paths with Jen B and Pam M...the temperature was quite pleasant although a little windy...

the stats:
start temp/humidity: 19.5/45% (apparent temp same)
finish temp/humidity: 19.6/49% (apparent temp same)
start time: 1:23pm
total distance: 8.28
total time: 45:00
avg pace: 5:26
total calories: 575
avg HR: 143

footy training is on tonight but Jodie won't be going due to her bung knee...she's also got some nice bruising on her right hand and fingers...she had 11 games of broomball in 4 days and to top it off she is sick as well...crazy!